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Filter systems for water recovery and solid/liquid filtration

Klass Filter GmbH develops and sells filter systems that enable the best cleaning performance in continuous operation. For more than 40 years we have been experts for solutions in the field of water recovery, continuous filtration, fine separation and fine filtration.


IFAT Munich 2020
4 to 8 May 2020
Munich Trade Fair

Klass filter systems have been tried and tested for many years and are used worldwide. Thanks to their simple installation and long, maintenance-free service life, Klass filter systems are an efficient investment in the future.

The patented Klass Wendelfilter is ideally suited for solid/liquid separation. It is used for thickening and dehumidifying suspensions (especially for fine separation of very fluid media).

Economical and cost-efficient use of the valuable resource water is the top priority. Our filter systems consisting of Klass coarse filters, Klass cyclone filters and Klass flow regulators enable maximum ecological and economical use of waste, process and service water.

In order to achieve the highest possible throughput, the motto is „as coarse as necessary“: Above all the Klass cyclone filter proves its functionality with a high proportion of dirt in the water. It separates floating, suspended and sedimented matter of more than 25 µm from production water. These are then returned to the production cycle cleaned and treated without interrupting the production process.

Current research projects

In the SimConDrill research project, Klass-Filter GmbH develops a filter with the Fraunhofer Institute for Clean Water without Microplastics. The research project is scheduled to run until June 2021 and is very promising.

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