Our products

The Klass spiral filter is suitable for filtration and fine separation in continuous processes. It is used for the separation of suspensions, whereby solid components are thickened and dewatered. The Klass cyclone filter offers optimum solutions for fine filtration. It separates floating and suspended solids larger than 25 µm without backwashing, filter changes, parallel systems, process interruptions or complex controls. The Klass coarse filter separates coarse dirt from the water for pre-cleaning. A float automatically keeps it close to the water surface where the water is cleanest. Individually or in combination, Klass filter systems make individual processes sustainable and reliable.

Convincing advantages

low energy consumption

In the continuous process, Klass filter systems require only about 0.16 kWh/1 m3 for filtration and only 1 kWh/1 m3 per filter column for fine filtration.

no filter change

Thanks to the unique technology, the filter elements of the Klass filter systems remain clog-free.  Process interruptions and switching to parallel systems are no longer necessary.

low noise emission

Klass filter systems work extremely quietly, since high speeds are not necessary thanks to the special technology. The Klass cyclone filter works with less than 1000 rpm, the Klass spiral filter with less than 100 rpm almost silent.

Single or in combination

Klass filter systems are used in a process engineering arrangement. Depending on requirements, an individually designed Klass cyclone tank or a Klass coarse filter combined with a downstream Klass cyclone filter can be used. The Klass cyclone filter and the Klass spiral filter are also suitable for series connection. Contact us so that we can find the right solution for your requirements.