About Klass Filter GmbH

The team – the family

As company founder Georg Klaß sen. at the end of the 1970s, the company began to focus intensively on the optimization of water treatment, but this topic still had a niche existence and was of little public interest. In the meantime, the sustainable use of the environment has become a challenge that no one can escape. For many years, Klass Filter GmbH has been committed to sensitizing society to environmental protection and continues to make a considerable contribution to this.

The continuous further development and testing of new filter technologies is today, as in the past, the core business of the company. Since the year 2000 the siblings Georg Klaß jun. and Ulrike Turba have been running the business.

Georg Klass senior

Company founder and managing director until 2000

It all began with a vision: to save valuable water. And so in 1976 Georg Klass sen. developed an idea for sewer flushing vehicles that could recover and reuse their used water. As an innovative thought leader, he directed the fortunes of Klass Filter GmbH for many years before putting the company into the hands of his children.

Georg Klass junior

Managing Director since 2000

Georg Klaß junior has been working in the family business since 1996 and became self-employed in 2000 with the company Georg Klaß Filtertechnik. One focus of his work lies in product development: bringing an idea to marketability is particularly appealing for him.

Ulrike Turba

Managing Director since 2000

Ulrike Turba has been a member of the company management since 2000.